Are Chihuahuas Good With Children?

Chihuahuas Are Cute

Chihuahuas are one of the most preferred pets that adults choose to add to their families when factoring in children.

Chihuahuas are firstly appealing in the cute category as they come in a wide range of colors including brindle, merle, cream, white, lavender, brown, or sable (which is a tint of black).

Naturally, the younger members of your family will be really drawn to the colors and sometimes, the multiple colors these adorable little dogs have.

Some Chihuahuas are good for small children, they can easily pick the chihuahua up with two arms and easily take the chihuahua for assisted walks with an adult. The weight of the chihuahua is only 1.5 kilograms to 10 kilograms they often only grow to around 23cm making them easy to manage for kids.

With their cute little ears, rapid-wagging tail, and the fact this particular breed only grows in height to approximately 23 centimeters, this makes the ideal indoor or outdoor pet to add to your family.

This is also perfect as no matter how old your new Chihuahua gets he or she will always maintain their cute appeal to the younger audience and their friends they have visited the home.

The Chihuahuas nature is the second big plus in why parents opt to purchase this breed as a family addition because they are devoted animals to their new family.

They adapt quickly to their new environment, regardless of their age and within no time will feel like they have been part of the new routine for what seems an eternity!

They are friendly and happy pets who love to sit and be patted regularly and you are bound to know just how happy they are with their rapid-wagging tail that lets you know you are patting the way they like to be patted.

Chihuahuas are also lively pets at times when they are being played with by any member of the family. They enjoy being encouraged to run around and will follow you with your speed to keep up.

They also love being challenged in training and many Chihuahua owners have noted that regardless of age, you really can teach this breed of dog a new trick!

They can learn to spin around, sit on command, stay on command, lay down if asked to, hop into their bed when told, wait to eat until their owner informs them even if the food is waiting in front of them and to be so disciplined they do not need their lead to go for a long walk with the adult and child.

As the proud family watches on and the Chihuahua accomplishes these milestones they are taught, most prefer to treat the dog with one of his or her favorite snacks or play with a special toy.

Make Sure You Treat Him Or Her As A REWARD!

It is important when you are outdoors that you keep some small, dry treats in your pocket as when your Chihuahua achieves these milestones that you have practiced with him or her, you can reach into your pocket and reward your wonderful pooch with one single treat.

Chihuahuas, being easily adaptable can be trained to live indoors with consistent and precise commands. This is especially useful for the young members of the family to get amongst and help with.

  1. Chihuahuas are the 67th smartest dog in the world
  2. Chihuahuas are ideal pets for indoors or outdoors
  3. Chihuahuas are easily trained
  4. Chihuahuas live a very long lifetime in dog years

Teaching your Chihuahua where to eat, when to eat, where they can sleep, and if they can or cannot hop up onto furnishings will be vital to ensuring that everybody in the home can all live in peace and harmony.

Toilet Training Your New Chihuahua!

Toilet training your Chihuahua is essential if he or she is about to spend most of their time indoors.

This can be a frustrating time with many other breeds of dogs, however, the Chihuahua is the 67th most intelligent dog on the worlds smartest dog list, and therefore he or she is easily trained by their new family of where the humans wish him or her to go to do their business.

This may come in the form of a potty training mat that may be placed in the garage or laundry area and your new Chihuahua will quickly understand this is the spot you prefer him or her to use.

If you are not looking to train him or her for any indoor toilet use, outside is still a viable and sensible option and you can teach your Chihuahua to give you signals, such as standing near the door entrance, tapping his feet back and forth, and making his way to you and back to the door to let you know he or she would like to be let out of the door to go to the grass area.

Your Chihuahua Has Feelings Too!

The important thing to remember is your Chihuahua has feelings too.

He or she feels sick at times, he or she does not feel like playing and being picked up at times, he or she does not feel like hearing a lot of high pitched noises at times and mostly, they are very scared of storms and claps of thunder from the sky.

Their hearing is so much more profound than that of a human and we humans often forget this when making usual household noises such as vacuuming, playing music, children screaming or laughing loudly, sneezing, and even coughing.

Because your much loved Chihuahua cannot talk to his or her family he or she will alert you to things that are bothering them.

For example, a Chihuahua’s ears will sit back when noises are extremely loud such as a storm rolling in.

This also can bring on severe bouts of anxiety within the dog and you may find him or her shaking their body mildly, pacing around, looking for corners, and hiding places to feel more secure, panting becomes excessive as he or she has an increased heart rate and generally wanting to be comforted.

This may also apply to everyday household noises as we discussed above and this can easily be rectified by reducing the noises that are going on that are causing such distress to your Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas are generally super friendly dogs. They are loyal, compassionate, loveable, cute, and easy to maintain.

They do not bite their owners if taken good care of, however, they can show you they do possess a good bark about them if other dogs attempt to walk by their environment or enter into it.

Again, you may wish to train your Chihuahua to not behave like this and this will take some patience and practice to achieve the best results.

They will, however, attempt to nip and run if they feel threatened, scared, hurt or overwhelmed, or squeezed too hard when cuddling. This is not the same as a bite, as a nip is more like mouthing of the object that is threatening their safety and well being.

Chihuahuas Will Become Your BEST FRIEND!

  • Chihuahuas weigh very small amounts
  • Chihuahuas are easy to walk for children
  • Chihuahuas are easy to pick up for children

For the younger members of the family, a Chihuahua is a terrific addition to any family as they can take full responsibility for the new pet with feeding, brushing, walking, playing, teaching, bathing, and organizing.

I absolutely adore my 10- year- old Chihuahua and do everything he needs an adult to do for him to keep him in the very best condition possible and love him so much!

As you can tell, Chihuahuas that are well-loved and looked after can live for a very long time in your family and become the best fur-members you could wish for.

The life span of a Chihuahua is generally 12 to 20 years of age. This is a long time in dog years as that is 87 years to 140 years in dog years!

What a great life that with a will be in your beautiful family!


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