How Often Should You Wash A Chihuahua?

How often should you wash a Chihuahua?

Chihuahua’s have sensitive skin and therefore should only be bathed once a month. Their delicate skin is prone to becoming very dry and flaky. Dry and flaky skin can be extremely uncomfortable for the dog and can lead to severe itching.

When it comes to pet care of your dog, In most cases for Chihuahuas generally you need to wash them at least once a month so that their skin does not become to dry. It is very important to stick to a monthly bathing routine. While they are wet you can also check for fleas and lumps on their skin.

It is also suggested that fully toweling them off will help as well. Too much bathing can also lead to the removal of the natural oils in their skin.

These natural oils are present to help keep their skin hydrated and healthy! The harshness of certain soaps and overexposure to water are the culprits behind dried-out skin and itchiness as well as the loss of these critical oils.

The time frame of one month is even applicable to dogs who may spend more time outdoors. For Chihuahuas who spend most of or all of their time indoors, the time between baths can be even longer.

These pups aren’t getting dirty enough to require even the monthly bath. Therefore, they can go longer periods of time without getting a bath.

Chihuahuas Swimming
Wash after being in saltwater to prevent skin from itching.

To put a time frame to it, this would usually be extended to every 2 months. Moreover, if the dog is being brushed regularly, bathing is not necessary.

Brushing keeps its coat super soft and shiny.

Often known as the smallest dog in the world, Chihuahuas are adorable! Despite their small size (usually anywhere from 5 to 8in, in height!), these dogs have some of the biggest personalities!

As with any potential pet, it is critical to know the proper and suggested ways to care for them! Because of their size, Chihuahuas require certain care.

This particularly includes their bathing routine! Everyone is familiar with bathing dogs as it may be often needed. But what are the bathing requirements for these tiny cuties?

What Is Best To Wash A Chihuahua With?

There are lots of dog shampoo on the market! However, there are certain ones tailored to Chihuahua or small dog breeds that are appropriate to use.

It is important to note that dogs of any breed, especially small dogs, should never be washed with human shampoo.

This even includes baby shampoo. Shampoos are made with specific pH balances. These pH balances basically interact with the acids and bases in the blood to maintain healthy levels of acidity.

The pH balance of a human is not the same as a dog. Therefore, shampoo made for humans simply is not compatible or suitable for dogs.

Using the dog shampoos intended for Chihuahua or small breed dogs is the absolute best to wash with. These shampoos will provide soft fur and the nurturing needed for the delicate skins of these dog breeds.

For Chihuahua’s with longer fur, there are even safe conditioners to use to help keep their locks silky soft!

How Long Does It Take To Wash A Chihuahua?

When it comes to how long it takes to wash a Chihuahua, there is not a set time frame. In fact, the bath should not be rushed because rinsing is the most crucial part of the process.

The shampoo should be fully rinsed out of the fur to prevent it from drying onto the skin. Even though the shampoo is tailored to small dog breeds, it can still cause itching if not rinsed properly.

Overall a good amount of time for a Chihuahua to be washed is around 10 to 12 minutes, this includes filling the bath and washing away soaps from their fur, and drying your pet’s skin off after the bath.

The process of the bath starts with putting the dog into a sink. Sinks are best because they are confined and can contain the dog a bit better. The small size of the dog will be appropriate for the sink.

Using a bathtub will be too large and may end up with more of a mess than its worth. Towels should be ready to help dry the dog off. In the case of long-haired pups, a blow dryer should also be ready.

Cool to warm water should be used but not any other extreme. There shouldn’t be cold water used or hot water used. The cold water would be too drastic for the skin on the dog and too hot will burn the dog and dry the skin out as well.

Another important process during the washing of the dog is the amount of dog shampoo used. Only a few drops are necessary. These will work into a nice lather to wash the coat.

The dog’s face and ears should never be washed. These are delicate areas for infections etc, so the soap and water should only be used from the neck down. The underbelly and feet and tail can be washed with ease.

Then comes the rinsing. Once again, this is the most important aspect. Fully rinse the coat. As the rinsing is done, the lather will bubble out and start to run clear. This is how to know its fully out of the coat!

The next step is drying the fur. For short-haired breeds a big fluffy towel is appropriate. However, for the long-haired breeds, a blow dryer should be implemented.

The hot setting should never be used as this will burn the dog’s skin. Most blow dryers come with a warm or cool air setting that drastically reduces the amount of heat being projected out.

This setting will dry the fur just fine. Then, of course, the dog should be brushed to finish off the bath.

While this all seems pretty tedious, it truly isn’t. The time to wash a Chihuahua is just dependant upon how long it takes to rinse the shampoo out fully as well as drying the fur.

Overall, the process is not a very long one.

Do Chihuahuas Like Getting Washed?

Dogs either like getting washed or they don’t. There simply is no in-between. When it comes to narrowing this down to specific dog breeds, there is no definitive answer.

The more fun you make it, the better success you will have with your Chihuahua at wash time the more they will like it. Use slow steps to build on the gentle wash experience that they will end up loving.

Dogs who hate baths will often be a bit more animated during a wash and may need the assistance of a second person. Those who love washes will generally be very mild-mannered during the process.

No matter if the dog likes washes or not, the fact that they should only be bathed once a month or up to every two months aids in this.

They won’t be exposed to having too many baths so it shouldn’t be too stressful when it comes time!

Dog Washing Tips To Keep Them Happy

  1. Keep the dogs together if you have two or more.
  2. Give them a treat before you start.
  3. Don’t have the water too cold or too hot.
  4. Go slow and keep talking to them along the way.
  5. If they have a play toy add it to the bath routine.
  6. Turn an old pool or bath into a dog wash for added fun.
  7. Do a dry run of wash time once a week, so they get familiar to the area.
  8. Keep water and soap away from their eyes and mouths.
  9. Place a plastic bowl in the water (floating) with treats in it that they can reach.

These adorable pups are such fun to have and knowing their bathing routine is really helpful!


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