Are Chihuahuas Good With Other Pets?

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Chihuahuas make terrific pets that can be introduced into most families with other existing pets that have already taken up a position within the family unit.

The most obvious companion that a Chihuahua likes to be-friend to is other chihuahuas, this is because they warm up to one another being of the exact same breed.

Chihuahuas are good with almost all other pets, once introduced it doesn’t matter if you have had one Chihuahua that has resided with you for years. Older Chihuahuas take well to having a companion around for company. Though it is a good idea to use caution when introducing a new pet to them.

They will share, explore, protect, roam and walk side by side together as a show of unity and often if you are really lucky, the existing Chihuahua will allow the new Chihuahua pet to sleep in their quarters with them as an encouraging sign of welcoming their new friend into the family.

Other Breeds Chihuahuas Get Along With

  1. Beagle
  2. Border Collie
  3. Boxer
  4. Bulldog
  5. Chinese Crested
  6. Chow Chow
  7. Daschund
  8. Dalmation
  9. Fox Terrier
  10. French Bulldog

The above list is the top ten breeds of dogs around the world that the Chihuahua enjoys becoming friends with. This list of dogs is likely to accept, share, play, warm up to and become loyal to the small Chihuahua.

If you already have one of these breeds of dogs as an existing pet in your family, you can be assured your brand new Chihuahua will be accepted by your longer-term pet.

How To Introduce Your Chihuahua To Any Dog Breed

When introducing a Chihuahua breed pet into the family and keeping in mind your existing dog, there are some vital key steps to helping you have a happy transition for all involved – including yourself!

Dogs Like Exploring the scents

  • Two blankets used for scent transitioning
  • Introducing your new pet to an existing pet

Before he or she makes their way to their new place of home, it is important if you have time to do so that you locate two blankets from your home that you will not want to use again.

One is to be rubbed on your existing dog and the other is to be rubbed on the newly chosen Chihuahua.

This is to attain the scent of both dogs and swap the blankets over and give either dog the other blanket to smell, explore, wonder and get use to the scents of the other animal that will become their new friend.

Pet Introduction For The First Time

Here are some key pointers to keep in mind when introducing your pets for the first time.

  • Supervise for several hours
  • Observe
  • Encourage
  • Allow time

When bringing home your new Chihuahua you will be wanting to supervise for several hours the introduction of the two pets together.

The focus should be on observing their behaviors together, allowing them the space to sniff each other all over their bodies, and ensuring their playtime maintains a friendly atmosphere.

This next piece of advice is especially true for the younger members of the family as a new, cute pet of any kind that is being welcomed into the family generally is the animal that is most doted on.

During such a happy time, this is lovely, however, factoring in the existing pet, this isn’t always the best way to fuss over the new Chihuahua.

Doting and fussing over the newbie can create tension, jealousy, anger, and left out behaviors within the existing dog and you may find he or she could end up attacking the new Chihuahua not due to him or her not wanting to like them, but due to everyone else in the family creating all the attention over the new pet.

How Long Should I Wait Until I Leave My Pets Alone Together?

  • Setting up a temporary barrier
  • Dividing for security and safety purposes

The meeting between the two dog breeds may have been a success the day prior, but what happens when the entire family needs to leave the house for many hours shortly after the two animals have met?

Well, this is a complex question because they just met and appear to have got along well, it does not mean that they may not have some tiny territorial issues to iron out along the way. This does not mean that you should leave them alone just yet in the same room.

With each pet, the time that you should wait until leaving them alone can vary, and that’s solely dependant on each individual animal. Some can take as little as 2 weeks to acclimate whereas others can take as long as 3 months or longer. Knowing your animals’ responses to different situations can usually tell you whether they are ready to be left alone or not.

One peace-of-mind solution to ensuring both of your pets remain safe, happy, and secure when you are all away from the family home is to erect a make-shift wire fence to separate the two dogs from one another temporarily, but that still allows them to see one another, sniff through the wire fence and explore one another in a more safe manner.

Sleeping Arrangements With A New Pet In The House

Obviously, the original existing dog has had established sleeping quarters, areas they know to eat in, and where their toys belong.

Due to these facts, your original pet is now the top dog, or as they prefer to class, the leader of the pack.

It would be wise to create a separate sleeping area, separate feeding area, purchase new toys for the new Chihuahua and occasionally walk the two dogs separately.

You are aiming to achieve a harmonious environment, yet allowing your original pet to take top place as well as creating a sense of equalism.

One of the ways to achieve this is to feed your existing dog first, preferably feeding the two dogs apart in space, not allowing the new Chihuahua to sleep in the original dog’s bed apart from on the first night or if the original dog allows this to occur.

Introducing Your New Chihuahua To A Pet Cat

You can follow the basic rules we suggested above with your cat just like you would do if dealing with an existing dog pet.

The only difference is to allow your cat to roam freely as they normally would so as to not change their environment and keep the new pet confined to an area so that the cat can slowly acclimate itself to the new member. In turn, your chihuahua will learn of their presence.

You can also choose to keep the dog on a lead when being introduced to the family cat as the family cat generally has a strong leadership role within the unit, possibly more so than the family dog.

Simply because cats are highly territorial and they also come and go from their surroundings much more than dogs do and are used to defending their property a lot more as well.

  • Cats love Chihuahuas and generally any small breed dogs
  • Slow introduction for best long-term results

A slow, gentle introduction is required so the new Chihuahua and family cat can get acquainted and use to one another living under the same roof.

Mostly you want to read the behavior that your cat is displaying towards the new member, they can show signs of nervousness listed below.

  • Urinating on items
  • Loss of appetite
  • Hiding more than usual
  • An overall disagreable behaviour towards the new pet

In most cases, if introductions are done properly then they can adapt easily to each other and make great housemates.

Most assume dogs only prefer to be-friend their own species, however, this has been proven untrue as many households have a dog and a cat that roam around together, sleep together, chase one another in a friendly fashion, love one another and protect each other as well.

A suggestible idea is that you bring the new pet in on a sort of loan basis to see if your animal responds well to the new pet before making a permanent decision to adopt a new pet, this is to ensure all the animals already existing in the household get along first.

Pet Birds And A Chihuahua

Dogs are naturally inclined to hunt and chase birds, Chihuahuas are one of those breeds which is why it is recommended not to leave them unattended. Unless your bird is securely in its cage when the chihuahua is around this is the only time they can be left unsupervised.

  • Not to be left unsupervised
  • Caged bird pets are fine

If he or she gets the understanding this bird is part of the family, he will be fine as long as you don’t leave him or her unsupervised around the bird and this is especially true if you allow your bird to have some flying time around you home.

It would be recommended that your Chihuahua is then put outside for the small duration of time the family bird is allowed out of his or her cage. This is to ensure that your bird is comfortable and has no reason to feel threatened by your chihuahua.

Overall Chihuahuas make exceptional house pets and are a beautiful addition to any family! Yes, they have their quirks and own health issues but for a small breed dog, they are quite adaptable to most situations and live for a long time compared to other small breed dogs.


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