About Caring For All Pets

Hello, my name is Mackenzie and I have created this website out of my love for all the world’s beautiful creatures – great and small.

I hope you find this website useful as I take you through various topics about a variety of some of our most loved animals and ways in which you can gain some knowledge on how to care for them properly.

I personally have 1 Chihuahua as a pet. His name is Fatboy and he is 10 years old! He is my best friend and we love to do everything together! He has a terrific life and loves going for walks, to the local beach and being spoilt with organic, home-style cooking!

As well as my beautiful Fatboy as my side-kick, I also have an array of cute hermit crabs and they have the most fascinating personalities! I love living close to the beach so I can collect them all sorts of interesting beach discoveries such as seaweed, rocks, small beach wood and of course, SAND!

If I could have a Zoo, I would! I absolutely adore ALL animals and some of my favourite up close and personal meet and greets I have enjoyed being with snakes, koala’s, possums, birds of all kinds, kangaroo’s, zebra’s, giraffe’s, rhinoceros, turtles and jellyfish!

I was once stung by a jellyfish! OUCH! That really does hurt a lot, even if they are so pretty to look at!

I have assisted a rescue operation of a mother duck and her 6 ducklings as well as 2 birds and also one dog who had himself in a very dangerous position!

I love to help animals whenever I can and jump right in to save their lives and help them back into their natural environment.

This website I have created will have all the helpful tips and ideas that you may want to know to help you with your beloved pets and surrounding wildlife.

I think it’s important we know the right ways to help our animals as they don’t have a voice like us humans and I have devoted my free time to researching everything there is on all the topics within this website so we can all make a difference and keep our animals safe and happy together.