How To Clean Chihuahuas Eyes


Chihuahuas are identifiable by their various physical features. Their eyes are possibly the most predominant of these features. Chihuahuas’ eyes bulge or protrude, especially when they’re excited.

This requires them to be taken care of a bit more regularly than other breeds. Ideally, their eyes should be cleaned daily. This keeps their sensitive eyes clear of any tears, crusts, or debris.

So how does a dog owner clean your Chihuahua’s eyes?

Basic cleaning of a Chihuahuas eyes is not overly complicated. While their eyes are delicate, this shouldn’t make anyone afraid to clean the eye areas.

Using the towel or tissue will be comfortable for the dog and help to remove anything in their eye areas. It is easy to tell if there is anything that needs to be wiped away as the corners of the eyes will appear wet or have a small hard crust like debris use a dog-safe eyewash to clean the area.

This can be similar to how humans get “sleeper crust” in their eyes when they wake up in the morning. A firm, yet gentle wipe can remove these.

If there has been a delay in keeping the eye area clean, it may be necessary to use a cotton swab or small q-tip soaked with water.

This method will truly provide a bit firmer of a remove while still remaining soft to the corner of the dog’s eyes.

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog in the world! These adorable pups are loved for their tiny statures and big personalities.

However, no matter the breed of the dog, certain dogs are known for having specific health issues. In the case of Chihuahuas, their eyes tend to water up a lot.

Any proud owner of this cute breed should know some key tips on how to clean a Chihuahua’s eyes.

Cleaning a Chihuahuas Eyes

Why Do Chihuahuas Eyes Water So Much?

Chihuahuas’ eyes tend to water a lot due to their bulging nature. These types of eyes are more prone to getting watery as well as infections. This is why it is critical to keep them clean and clear.

The watering of their eyes is mostly contributed to a genetic condition. All dog breeds experience some sort of health issue. When it comes to the watery eyes of a Chihuahua, it is most commonly called “epiphora”.

In simpler terms, this means there is an overflow of tear production that is unable to drain properly. This can cause blockage and affect other parts of the dog’s eye.

More specifically, their lashes often get turned inward into the eye ducts. The inward turning of the lashes is known to lead to eye infections if left unattended for long periods of time.

This is why is important to check Chihuahuas eyes every day. Things to look for include pus that is discolored in the corners of the eye, swelling, redness around the eyes, and squinting.

Squinting can indicate that there is something stuck in the eye. The dog will not be able to remove the stuck eyelash themselves. This would require a trip to the visit if any of these symptoms are noticed.

The vet may be able to remove the stuck lash but moreover, they can prescribe medication to help. The medication usually comes in the form of eye drops that will lubricate the eye cavity.

It will help any blockages in or around the tear ducts.

How Do I Get Rid Of Tear Stains On My Chihuahua?

Tear stains are defined as build-up in the corners of Chihuahuas eyes. This build-up is created from overly watering eyes that run down the face and dry in the corners.

The coloring is usually yellowish and is more noticeable in dogs with white fur. However, any dried spots around the corners of the eyes should be addressed.

Because Chihuahuas have watery eyes, tear stains are extremely common occurrences.

Keeping an eye on this area will help to notice any serious changes like increased pus. Once again, this could warrant a trip to the vet for eye drops if it gets too serious looking.

When these tear stains look a bit more serious, their cause can be derived from something else other than blocked tear ducts or watering eyes. Sometimes even ear infections can manifest a tear stain.

Another reason behind these strange-looking tear stains can be related to diet as well. Any change in the tear stains that seems more severe should be consulted by a vet.

Vets can recommend better diets or medications for ear infections.

It is possible to get rid of tear stains on a Chihuahua. Because a tear stain is typically a dried discoloration on the fur, the use of a damp paper towel can aid in losing up the dried fur.

Warm water should be used but not too hot as Chihuahuas are sensitive to high temperatures. The best way to keep tear stains at a minimum is to ensure the fur around the eyes is kept trimmed.

If a dog groomer is not in the budget, there are special blunt-nosed scissors that can be purchased. These scissors are made especially for trimming delicate areas like eye areas.

The reduction of fur will reduce how big tear stains can become.

Another suggestion for tackling tear stains can even include cornstarch! Cornstarch acts as an absorbing agent for any leakage. It should be thoroughly cleared out to ensure the area is dry and clear.

Keeping tear stains at bay requires some maintenance of the dog’s hygiene on the face as well as upkeep in their diet and freshwater. These are things we may not commonly think about but they can contribute to tear stains.

It is absolutely necessary to take these extra steps to ensure the eye area stays healthy on Chihuahuas. It seems strange, however, the lack of keeping this area clean and removing tear stains can lead to yeast infections in the dog’s eyes.

Yeast infections are very uncomfortable for anyone but especially for dogs. Their eyes will become extremely itchy. This is why these tips and trips to the vet may be solutions.

Are There Other Chihuahua Eye Problems?

While tear stains and watery eyes seem like a lot for a little dog, there are other eye problems that can arise. Chihuahuas are known for having health issues like any other dog.

Moreover, some of these other eye problems include glaucoma, dry eye, and cataracts.

Glaucoma is an eye issue often associated with humans but even dogs can experience this. This eye issue can cause blindness if left untreated and is identified by squinting, redness in the whites in the eyes, and blurring of the cornea (the front part of the eye that is not the whites).

Any of these signs should warrant a visit to the vet.

Dry eye is the exact opposite of the common watery eye in Chihuahuas. It causes reduced production of tears which leads to dry eyes. This can also be very uncomfortable and the best way to treat it is through eye drops to help produces some lubrication of the eye.

Eyes need to be coated with some fluid to maintain eye health.

Cataracts in Chihuahuas are usually something that happens as they get much older. Cataracts are cloudiness formations on the front part of the eyes (cornea) that leads to blindness.

It is possible to remove cataracts to restore vision if that happens to be the best choice.

No matter what, all dog breeds are faced with health issues. This shouldn’t discourage anyone from owning a dog as there are resources out there to help with these conditions.

Chihuahuas are big on personality and such a joy to have around. Just like other dogs’ health issues, they can be managed and help the dog be the happiest ever!


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