10 Tips On How To Keep A Chihuahua Warm


Chihuahuas are one of the most recognizable dogs on the planet! They are the world’s smallest dog breed and despite their size, they are full of personality and energy.

Full-grown chihuahuas are usually no more than 2.8kg (or 6lbs) in weight and only stand about 23cm (or 9in) tall. While some can stand a little taller, the fact of the matter is, that chihuahuas are tiny pups.

Their size often raises some questions about their overall care.

With such small stats, chihuahuas do require a little extra care than other pets. They should eat foods that support their bodies, coats, and joint health. Moreover, due to their small size, they can get cold quicker!

Aside from their side, their coats aren’t quite as thick as other dogs so, in certain temperatures, chihuahuas shiver and shake. With this in mind, the question of how to keep a chihuahua warm always comes into play.

Keeping a chihuahua warm will ensure they are comfortable. While comfort is obviously the main concern, it is important to keep them warm as well because it keeps them healthy.

Chihuahuas that are too cold might be less playful and more lethargic, as would most animals or humans that become too chilled. Making all efforts to keep a chihuahua warm should be taken!

This is especially true in the winter, where temperatures often get quite frigid. With this in mind, there are some helpful tips for keeping a chihuahua warm!

How To Keep A Chihuahua Warm

Since keeping these tiny pups warm is important, there are some great tips for doing so! Following some of these ideas (or all of them!) will ensure that our pups stay cozy!

Read these 10 tips below for more great ideas.

  • Fleece Blankets To Snuggle And Burrow
  • Soft Pillows For Warmth
  • Keep The House Heating Warm
  • Dog Coats And Dog Booties
  • A Self-Warming Dog Bed
  • Electric Heated Dog Pads
  • Create A Warm Hiding Place
  • Buy A Dog Sweater
  • Consider Using Paw Wax
  • Assess The Chihuahua’s Sleeping Spot
Warm Coat and Blanket For a Chihuahua

1. Fleece Blankets To Snuggle And Burrow

These soft and warm blankets are a fantastic way to keep chihuahuas warm! They are perfectly sized to be folded or crumpled for the pups to lay on.

Fleece blankets are also the right size for chihuahuas to snuggle and burrow in for extra warmth! These blankets can be put anywhere: couches, the pup’s favourite nap spot, or even layered in a dog bed!

2. Soft Pillows For Warmth

Pillows are a great alternative to fleece blankets. They come in various sizes and textures making them perfect for burrowing. They can be placed in similar areas like fleece blankets such as their dog beds or napping spots.

Moreover, they can be laid on as well, keeping their paws extra warm! While the pillows can be an alternative choice to fleece blankets, they can also be combined with the blankets creating a haven of warmth!

3. Keep The House Heating Warm

Everyone has their preferences for house temperatures, however, keeping consistent temperatures is important to keeping chihuahuas warm.

If there is a small dog in the house like a chihuahua, always watch that the furnace or heating unit is set to an acceptable temperature.

An example of an acceptable temperature is somewhere around 21 degrees Celcius (or 70 degrees Fahrenheit). Anything much below this will require a chihuahua to have something to keep warm with!

4. Dog Coats And Dog Booties

There are tons of dog coats and booties for their paws out on the market. From cute patterns to more practical designs, the options are practically limitless.

These types of clothing are made to provide an extra layer of warmth and protection against the elements like the cold or even rainfall.

Having a dog coat handy as well as some booties to protect their paws is an essential way to provide warmth for a Chihuahua!

5. A Self-Warming Dog Bed

Many people associate dog beds as being something they buy and then their dogs rarely use! While this can be true, the overall design of dog beds has progressed throughout the years.

Self-warming dog beds are a huge trend and an excellent way to give a warm boost to any nap for a chihuahua! These special beds are made from insulation, layers of fleece, and soft cotton.

This combination of materials regenerates the dog’s body heat, maintaining a warm bed at all times. Moreover, they do not require any electricity to operate!

6. Electric Heated Dog Pads

Much like human heating pads, heated dog pads can provide a toasty spot for chihuahuas to lay on. These specially designed pads operate at lower temperatures than human heating pads.

This ensures that the pad doesn’t get too hot for the pups to handle. Oftentimes, they will be also working with the dog’s body temperature to help maintain a consistent warmth for them.

They do require electricity, so they should always be watched for safety. While they typically run at very low wattages, it is never a bad idea to check on them.

7. Create A Warm Hiding Place

A hiding place is more of a napping place when it comes to dogs, especially chihuahuas. A really cozy hiding place can be created with some simple items that a pup will appreciate on a chilly winter morning or night.

A large cardboard box can be flipped over and an opening made for the pup to crawl in. Inside, fleece blankets, pillows, old human sweaters, etc can be layered to create a make-shift bed.

This area will surround them with a dark place to nap as well as soft, warm items to snuggle in. Putting their favourite toys in here also provides an extra layer of comfort.

8. Buy A Dog Sweater

Like dog coats, dog sweaters come in so many fun prints and materials. From basic cotton to fleece to wool, sweaters are a great solution to add some warmth to a chihuahua.

Since their fur coats are not very thick, sweaters act as another layer for them. Depending on the material will depend on just how warm it is for a chihuahua.

Thicker material is ideal for a trip out for a potty time, however, a thinner material like cotton would be nice around the house!

9. Consider Using Paw Wax

Paw wax is generally made with coconut oils, beeswax, or other ingredients. It helps create a barrier between the pad of the paw and the ground.

This barrier ensures the paws stay protected from extreme cold temps that can cause dry and cracked paws. It also helps keep the paws moisturized.

Always shop around for the most all-natural ingredients including ingredients that are considered safe for chihuahuas. Applying to the paws before taking the pup out for a potty break during the winter is ideal.

It not only keeps the feet warmer but also keeps the paws soft. Using the wax with dog socks or booties yields the best results.

10. Assess The Chihuahua’s Sleeping Spot

Some houses have more drafts than others. These drafts can come from doors, windows, basements, etc. While we obviously do whatever we can to remedy this issue, sometimes there is still a small draft from somewhere.

When winter hits, a drafty house can chill off a chihuahua quickly. Assess where the chihuahua’s dog bed is sitting or where their napping fleece blankets are piled up at.

Moving these to a warmer spot in the house will ensure that the pup is staying its warmest!

These 10 tips on how to keep a chihuahua warm are an easy way to make any chihuahua comfortable.

How Cold is Too Cold for a Chihuahua?

As expressed before, chihuahuas do not handle well in temperatures under 21 degrees Celcius (or 70 degrees Fahrenheit). This is not to say that they can’t manage in temperatures below this, however, it is important to keep them within consistent temperatures.

Temperatures under 4 degrees Celcius (or 40 degrees Fahrenheit) are considered to be too cold for chihuahuas.

When temperatures dip below 4 degrees Celcius, it is important to bundle up a chihuahua. Once again, this can be done through sweaters, blankets, etc.

While their short fur coats play a part in why they get cold quickly, there is a little more behind it. Chihuahuas are known for having a hard time regulating their body temperatures.

This is primarily due to their small frames being leaner than other dog breeds. They tend to have less fat that is used to insulate the body.

Because they don’t have as much fat as other dog breeds, chihuahuas need a little help keeping warm. This is why using things like self-heating dog beds and other methods of warmth are critical.

These create the warmth barrier that chihuahuas cannot create fully on their own. Owners of these adorable pups should always keep in mind that extra steps are needed to help them stay warm!

What Temperature Is Good For Chihuahuas?

21 degrees Celcius, or 70 degrees is said to be optimal for chihuahuas. It is just warm enough to keep them comfortable. When it is too cold, they risk shivering and simply being too chilled.

On the flip side, if it is too hot, that is also not safe. Temperatures over 30 degrees Celcius, or 85 degrees Fahrenheit, are simply too warm for these tiny dogs.

When examining the 10 tips on how to keep a chihuahua warm, perhaps the most important one was the temperature regulation of the house. Ensuring it is the perfect condition in the house will keep them feeling great.

Too much heat can cause a chihuahua, just like other dogs, to become dehydrated. Because of their smaller size, chihuahuas can overheat quicker just as they can become chilled too quickly.

This is why regulating the temperature is so critical.

In extreme cold, bundling them up and helping their bodies stay warm is key. In extreme heat, keeping the cooled off with water, frozen ice treats, and air conditioning is just as important.

Moreover, remembering that they cannot regulate their own body temperatures as well as other animals or dog breeds will help in doing the right thing for them!

Do Chihuahuas Need Blankets?

Blankets truly are one of the most comfortable things in the world. We as humans know how great they are to snuggle into, especially during the winter!

Chihuahuas don’t necessarily NEED blankets, however, they are an essential way to keep them comfortable and warm! Blankets provide a soft spot for them to lie down on, a warm place to snuggle down into, and a way to stay covered up when it’s a bit chilly.

Using fleece is always the best option. Another great option is Minky blankets. Minky blankets are plush, silky soft to the touch blankets that are often used for babies.

These ridiculously soft blankets can serve as a means to help a chihuahua warm and feel safe! While they don’t necessarily need the blankets, they are definitely a huge help!

How Do You Tell If Your Chihuahua Is Cold At Night?

Typically, no matter where somewhere lives, the climate at night tends to be a bit cooler. This is especially true in the winter months in certain parts of the world.

However, are there ways to tell if your chihuahua is cold at night? There are signs to check for that will indicate if your chihuahua pup is getting too chilly. Below are the telltale signs of a cold pup!

Signs Of A Cold Chihuahua At Night

  • Shaking or shivering – This is the number one way to tell, especially since they are so tiny! This is usually the first sign.
  • Whimpering – Listen for any whimpering or whining during the night. This is usually accompanied by shaking.
  • Restlessness – Chihuahuas who are a little too cold might become more restless. They could pace back and forth searching for a warm spot!
  • Hunched Over – Your pup can hence over when cold, seeking a way to keep whatever body heat they have in.
  • Barking – Barking is a way to gain attention for a lot of reasons. However, if your chihuahua is barking during the night, on a cold night, they might be too chilly!
  • Climbs into your bed – Sure, chihuahuas are loveable dogs who enjoy some attention, however, if it is a cold night and they are climbing into your bed, they are seeking a warm spot to lie down.

These are the top ways to know if your chihuahua is cold at night. If you are talking them outside to use the bathroom, look for them to raise their paws off the ground.

This will indicate that the ground is too cold for them. Always remember to check the outside climate to ensure that they are bundled up. Taking these precautions can prevent them from becoming too cold.

Should I Put A Sweater On My Chihuahua?

As stated previously, sweaters are a great way to warm up these tiny, adorable pups. Winters in some parts of the world are quite harsh and sweaters are not only cute but absolutely needed to keep them warm.

Dog sweaters come in all sizes, for all breeds of dogs. However, small dog sweaters are possibly the most popular. They can be made from wool or cotton and the material of the sweater will determine just how warm it will be for the dog.

Moreover, it is important to ensure the size of the sweater is appropriate for the chihuahua. The sweater should not be too big where it sags off the dog’s body.

It also shouldn’t be tight so as to constrict the dog’s breathing in any manner. Not everyone is going to measure their pups for exact sizing and that is perfectly okay.

To help understand the proper size of dog clothes for a chihuahua, it is important to know their weight and length.

Some people will measure out everywhere on a dog for sweater sizing. However, only weight and length are truly important. Chihuahuas typically range around 2.8kg (or up to 6lbs) in weight and somewhere up to 38cm (or 15in) in length.

Knowing this information, the right size sweater can be picked out for a chihuahua! Chihuahuas in this normal range for their breed in weight and height can wear a small or medium-sized sweater.

When putting the sweater on the chihuahua, your fingers should fit easily between the dog and the sweater, while still remaining snug.

Keeping chihuahuas warm keep them relaxed and happy! Through blankets, sweaters, and these other tips, chihuahuas will be more than happy during anything colder weather has to bring!


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