Fun Games To Play With A Chihuahua!

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Chihuahuas are the world’s most recognizable dog due to their adorable small size! Ranking as the world’s smallest dog (around only 3kg/6lbs in size and only up to 10 inches in height!), doesn’t mean they sell short on their big personalities!

Moreover, chihuahuas love to play! They can be super energetic and really enjoy any sort of playtime!

With their small size, some people might not know what games a chihuahua would enjoy. However, their small size makes playtime even more thrilling as they get really excited at any chance to play!

Playtime with chihuahuas is so much more than just “playing“. It also serves as an opportunity to bond with the pup too! Chihuahuas have such a big personality and positive playtime makes them feel even closer to their owners.

This is such an important aspect to not only gaining a chihuahua’s respect but just being so much closer to the pup.

Everyone knows games to play with dogs, like tug or chase, but is playtime only limited to these types of playing? The answer is no! There are many fun games to play with a chihuahua that will encourage its intellectual side as well as its overall playful demeanour!

Whether someone is a new chihuahua owner or has a beloved pup that’s been in the family awhile, there are some play ideas to freshen up playtime!

Having Fun With A Chihuahua Game Time

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to games to play with a chihuahua is important. Having a variety of games to play helps stimulate the pup’s interest and prevents them from getting bored.

With this in mind, the pups do have games they may favour over others. It is perfectly fine to play the games they really enjoy, however, adding in some variety to that playtime keeps them interested in the long run.

Before diving into the specific fun game ideas, let’s talk about toys! The toys that chihuahuas have to play with really give some insight into how playtime may pan out.

There are incredibly cute dog toys out there. From stuffed toys like ducks, rodents, bears, etc that have a squeaker in them to tugging rope, the possibilities are endless!

Having a wide range of toys to choose from is just as important as adding variety to playtime itself!

Another aspect of playtime should include small treats like dog biscuits or homemade dog treats. Rewarding a positive behaviour like playtime is a great way to boost behaviour as well.

Chihuahuas who get treats after a playtime activity are more likely to want to imitate that game and they will have a positive association with the game as well. So what are great game ideas that are fun to play with a chihuahua?

Below are some fun game ideas to make playtime with the pup even more fun!

6 Fun Game Ideas For Playtime

Classic Game Of Fetch The Ball

This is a classic game that makes any dog proud of playtime. This is especially true of chihuahuas, as they will feel so accomplished by catching the ball or toy that was thrown.

Having small treats handy is a great suggestion to keep up positive behaviour training while playing. Fetch is pretty self-explanatory, but to give some guidance, always use a ball that is mid-sized so the pup doesn’t choke while carrying it back.

An appropriately sized ball and/or stuffed toy is perfect for tossing across the yard or indoors. After tossing the toy, the chihuahua will eagerly chase after it to retrieve it.

When they bring the toy or ball back, always reward them with a treat! This game is great outdoors with a small stick as well.

Voice Command Run or Walk Game

Depending on trained a pup is will determine if this game is appropriate to play. Training comes with patience, praise, and a rewarding system, so this game is perfect for chihuahuas who are trained to listen to commands.

This outdoor game is a great exercise for humans and dogs alike, giving double benefits to this playtime activity! A park or backyard is suitable and it is truly really simple.

Simply using voice commands of “run” or “walk“, and then demonstrating that action with the pup will be fun to play! It helps keep everyone active and excited!

Throw A Frisbee For Fetch

Frisbee Game For Dogs

Frisbees are plastic discs that float pretty effortlessly in the air. While bigger dogs tend to love this game, so can a chihuahua. There are smaller frisbee toys on the market that are perfectly sized to accommodate the smaller mouths of a chihuahua.

Frisbee is a more exciting way to play fetch and the various colours of the frisbee discs out there also add a bit of jazz to playtime!

Cornhole, Toss Beanbags Into Wooden Box

Cornhole is a simple backyard game typically played at family gatherings. It has become more world-wide spread and is an exciting type of game to introduce a chihuahua too as well!

Once again, having treats nearby is always key to helping them learn the game. Cornhole is played with a slanted wooden box with a hole in it and a few beanbags.

The beanbags are tossed into the hole and the process begins again. Chihuahuas may find this fun as they can put the beanbags into the hole or better yet, their own toys.

Humans should always act as an example for games to help showcase the principles of the game. Always reward chihuahuas after successfully dropping a beanbag or toy into the hole!

Tug Of War (Gently With Dog Winning)

There’s some debate about tug out there on whether or not it encourages aggressive behaviour. However, that is bollocks.

The game of tug can be played with any dog, especially chihuahuas in a manner that encourages positive behaviour.

The important rule of playing tug is to not let the dog completely control the rope being used. There should be a balance between the dog and the person that is simply tugging back and back forth.

If the human stays calm and doesn’t tease or yank too much, the game plays out as it should.

Chihuahua Playing With Squeaky Toy

Game Of Pounce On Squeaky Toys

Chihuahuas love to pounce on toys. Stuffed toys that squeak will get any chihuahua excited to leap on them and catch the prized toy!

Using stuffed toys will provide a soft surface for the pup to pounce on, making this perfect for any age of chihuahua.

The squeaker in dog toys alerts them and keeps their attention. To play this game, squeak the squeaker in the toy a few times to get the chihuahua’s attention.

Next, toss the toy in the yard and watch as the excited pup pouncing, “catching” its target!

Affectionate Game Of Gotcha

Affectionate play is important as well, as it shows a loving bond between the pup and the owner. Playing “gotcha!” is a great way to show affection, reward with treats, and keep a chihuahua happy.

This game is quite simple and requires nothing else other than treats to reward the pup with afterwards. Most dogs do enjoy their bellies rubbed or tickled.

Pet the dog and use a tickling motion to encourage the “gotcha!” mindset. Don’t let it get too out of hand and present the reward pretty immediate about tickling.

These games are just the most popular ones to consider playing with a chihuahua. They are designed to keep them active and happy!

Chihuahua is looking to play a game

What Games Do Chihuahuas Like To Play?

When addressing what specific games chihuahuas like to play, it really does come down to the dog themselves. Every dog has its own personality and playing a variety of games with them will not only keep their interests high but showcase what games might be their absolute favourite to play!

Most chihuahuas will enjoy squeaky toys the best that they can pounce on as well as playing fetch.

Fetch is such a favourite of most dogs and can be customised to suit any dog. Some chihuahuas might like playing fetch with sticks more while others may favour stuffed toys.

Remember, any fetch item or toy should be the appropriate mid-sized item to ensure that it is not too small or too large for their mouths! Since fetch is a classic choice, what are some great items to play fetch with?

Below are some great fetch items that any chihuahua will find exciting to bring back to their owners!

Fun Items To Play Fetch With!

Chihuahua Toys, Ball, Frisbee and Squeaky Toy

Dogs Love All Kinds Of Balls

Balls come in all sorts of textures for dogs to explore. Some are made of chewable, durable plastic material with nubs along their surface, while others can be coated like a tennis ball.

No matter what texture they may prefer, balls are the top fetch item to use. They can go far, roll easily and can be carried back to the owner with ease!

Stuffed Toys That Are Soft Or Squeak

Stuffed toys are a must-have in any chihuahua toy box or bin. They are easy on the mouth, usually squeak, and come in so many shapes and designs!

From ducks, newspapers, food items, etc, the possibilities are endless as to what shape they can take on! Moreover, they are very easy to put in their mouths and carry along!

Sticks Or Branches From Trees

Sticks can quite literally mean, wooden sticks found from broken tree branches. Dogs love finding a good stick to carry, even small pups like chihuahuas!

A walk in the park or backyard can easily turn into playtime with the discovery of a stick. The stick should always be inspected first to ensure it’s not splintered or harbouring any weird bugs.

Another form of using sticks can be toy sticks. These sticks are found in pet stores, etc and made with various textures, like balls are, to give dogs something to sink their teeth into!

An Old Slipper Or Shoe

Dogs have a reputation for tearing up slippers sometimes. Whether its the smell of their owner or what, the reasoning behind it isn’t quite understood.

However, when buying a new pair of slippers, the old slippers can serve a purpose! Playing fetch with an old slipper might be exciting for a chihuahua.

Just be sure to hide the new ones so they aren’t trying the same thing with a new pair!

A Plastic Frisbee Toy

Once again, there are specific frisbees made for small dogs. These are perfect for playing fetch! They can be carried easily and go far distances giving proper exercise!

These are truly iconic fetch toys to bring some assortment to the game of fetch! While fetch is the most beloved game for chihuahuas and other dogs, chihuahuas do love feeling like the centre of attention.

They genuinely enjoy bonding with their owners and playtime should happen every day if possible. It helps chihuahuas realize how important they are to their owner’s life as well as providing essential exercise as well!

Indoor Games to Play with Your Chihuahua

Outdoor games are nice as they give a real breath of fresh air, however, indoor games are just as fun! Fun games to play with a chihuahua can be brought indoors as well.

If it’s raining or snowing out, or simply too hot outside, indoor games keep playtime thriving! Some of the outdoor games can be played indoor as well, like fetch or tug, but there are some great games specifically for indoors.

These games are so much fun and are really exciting for any chihuahua to learn! Below are some great indoor games to consider playing!

Fun Games To Play With A Chihuahua (Indoor)

Scavenger Hunt With Dog Treats

This directly caters to the idea of positive dog training while incorporating playtime! Hiding some treats around the house and going on a little scavenger hunt is an amazing way to bond with a chihuahua and keep them busy!

The treats can be hidden in places like their favourite dog bed or napping spot, and in their toy bin where toys are kept.

Another way to really add excitement to this game includes having toys that are designed to hide treats inside of them. These toys typically come as plush toys with little holes in them to put small biscuits.

After inserting a treat in these special toys, the toys can be hidden under couches, beds, kitchen tables etc to give the pups more areas to explore!

Simple Hide And Seek

Hide and seek can take on many forms. One of the best ways to play this game with a chihuahua is to use hallways where there’s access to other rooms.

Standing within those rooms and peeking around the doorways of the rooms helps keep this game simple. The purpose to give the chihuahua ample area to search while keeping the hiding location relatively simple to find.

If someone hides too well, the pup may lose interest. Having a treat in hand and staying just within sight will having the chihuahua curious about why their owner is hiding and the reward will have them glad they found them!

Dog Toy Box/Bin Putaway

Using the same concepts learned from cornhole, toy box/bin putaway is a great indoor game. This game has a double purpose as it also trains chihuahuas to keep their toys tidy and realise where they get put after playtime!

After playing other games with the pup, using this as an end game showcases the importance of putting the toys away. Once again, use treats to reward the chihuahua as they put away each toy into the box or bin.

Shell Game, Or Three Cup Game

The shell game, or three-cup game, is a new and trendy way to play with chihuahuas. It is engaging for both the owner and the pup. using three small cups, conceal a treat under one, letting the dog see where it went.

Now shuffle the three cups around while the dog watches. Hopefully, the pup will find the treat under the right cup!

These indoor games serve as a great way to bond with a chihuahua as well! No matter what game is playing with a chihuahua, they will enjoy being around their owners.

Remember, always play every day if possible, reward with treats for positive behaviour, and be engaging and pleasant being sure to never tease a dog while playing.

Chihuahuas find great pleasure in hanging with their human best friends, especially during playtime!


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