Chihuahua Average Costs

Chihuahua Average Cost

Dogs are a beloved pet choice all over the world, however, Chihuahuas are one of the most notable breeds. These pups are the world’s smallest dog breed, usually standing only up to 23 cm (or 9 inches tall!).

While they are known for their pint-size bodies and big personalities, they are also known for their price tags. Some chihuahuas can be quite expensive.

For someone looking to get one of these charming dogs, knowing their price range is super important.

What Are The Average Costs Of A Chihuahua?

The cost of a chihuahua pup can have a lot of factors behind it. This primarily can be whether or not it is considered to be purebred and the type of chihuahua.

Taking a quick glance at the average price points for chihuahuas, it can be between $685 to $2058 AU (or $500 to $1500 US dollars). While this seems like a steep cost, these lovable dogs are worth every cent! Pricing the average cost of a chihuahua pup is much more than just looking at numbers.

When considering the purchase of a chihuahua dog things like the type of chihuahua should be taken into consideration.

Purebreds do tend to be more expensive, tipping the scales on the higher end of the expense scale, however, it is important to know if the dogs are coming from reputable, ethical breeders.

But how can someone tell the difference between someone looking to make a quick buck or a true purebred dog?

Below are some key factors to watch out for when shopping around for these cute pups.

Chihuahuas Are Cute
Chihuahuas Are Cute

Signs Of A Reputable Breeder

Fair Pricing Not Price Gauging

A reputable breeder is going to have a fair price on their pups.

While there are some rarer types of chihuahua, like pure white coats (not albino though!), that can be upwards of $2700 AU (or $2000 US dollars) it isn’t common for them to cost this much.

Price gauging is an obvious sign of a breeder or person who is looking to turn a quick dollar.

Knowledgeable Well Informed Breeder

This sign might be obvious, however, it is an important one. Some people can be good at talking circles around others to appear knowledgeable. When visiting a breeder to inquire about purchasing a pup, listen to the answers to any questions very carefully.

Well-informed breeders will not hesitate or delay their answers, nor will they repeat themselves. They will show obvious pride in the dogs they have and will be more than happy to truthfully answer any questions someone might have.

Full Disclosure Of Breed And Medical History

Legitimate breeders will not only have fair pricing but also provide full disclosures on the dogs they have available. This includes the breed’s medical history, common health issues, etc.

Moreover, it includes being honest about their breeding practises. For a dog to really be considered “purebred” they should have papers stating that they were bred with only their own breed of dogs.

Dogs that are mixed with other dog breeds are obviously not considered “purebred“. Often times, dishonest breeders will try to pass off pups as purebred, when in fact, they were probably mixed with another breed.

These three factors are the biggest signs of knowing if a chihuahua is purebred and fairly priced.

If something feels a bit off, it is probably because it is! While it is good to look out for those who aren’t legit breeders, there are many reputable breeders out there who simply have a strong love for these adorable pups.

Their pricing will reflect their respect for the dog and its potential new owner. When it comes to specific types of chihuahuas costing a little different than the average price, it is good to know what those types are!

Below are some variations of chihuahuas that can cost a little more or have a more specific price attached to them.

Types Of Chihuahuas With A Higher Price Point

Pure White-Coated Chihuahuas

A bit rarer due to it being hard to reproduce. Proper breeding practises will ensure dogs with certain genes are used to ethically produce certain types of chihuahuas like pure white-coated ones.

Pure White Chihuahua

Merle Chihuahuas

These pups do get a lot of bad reputation due to them having a lot of health issues. It has been shown that they will have higher health issues due to improper breeding. Merle is a coat pattern, not a coat colouring. These pups will have slightly longer hair and patches of light and dark colours in their fur.

Brindle Chihuahuas

Brindle chihuahuas can cost more because they are extremely difficult to breed. This pattern (once again, not a colour), is a mix of darker fur where stripes are mixed into the fur as well.

Lavender Chihuahuas

These chihuahuas aren’t truly purple, more of a washed-out dark brown colour. They are hard to breed just like brindles.

Long Haired Chihuahuas

The two most common types of chihuahua are the short-haired sandy coloured ones and long-haired ones. Sometimes the longer-haired chihuahuas can carry a slightly higher price tag.

Long Haired Chihuahua

These types of chihuahuas might exceed the higher end of the cost scale but usually, they will fall closer to the $2058 AU (or $1500 US dollars) price. This is due to them being harder to breed ethically and properly.

The work that goes into producing these types of chihuahuas ensure that the higher price tag is well worth it.

While the above breeds are rarer due to their ability to be reproduced, there is another lurking variation that has had much debate over the years. This is specifically the Teacup Chihuahua.

This variation never gets above 15cm (or 6 inches) and is simply a smaller version of a chihuahua rather than being a special type of chihuahua.

Even with these chihuahuas not getting very big, there isn’t a definitive description that classifies a chihuahua as a “teacup“. Often times, they are sold at over $2700 AU (or $2000).

Chihuahua Cost

Chihuahua Insurance Costs

Pet insurance has become a popular choice in recent years all over the world. But, much like human insurance policies, they can be a bit overwhelming to understand.

There are many different policies available that offer different types of coverage. It is important to know what they can offer to really determine what plan could be best for a pup.

The price of pet insurance can be affected by things like the dog breed and age.

When looking at insurance costs for a chihuahua, they can typically cost somewhere around $530 AU (or $388 US dollars) as an annual premium (the amount that the insured pays to the insurance for coverage, per year).

While chihuahuas are a popular dog for their adorable looks and fun personalities, they aren’t that expensive to insure. This is where looking into what plans might actually cover is really important.

The annual premium can increase if more coverage is desired. Most plans will cover an 80% cost, however, not all of them cover everything. Things like preventive care aren’t always included.

It could be worth spending a little more on an annual premium cost to have preventive care covered.

Most insurance policies set tiers for their coverage. Usually, there’s a tier for accidents or emergent care. Other tiers can include preventive care coverage like checkups or flea treatments.

Tiers can also include coverage for serious illness or disease. While this all seems like a bit to take in, it is simply good to know what coverages might and might not be available from insurances.

No matter what, having some sort of pet insurance for a chihuahua is helpful. Depending on a person’s budget, the costs can be a bit higher than the general cost, but even the general cost is quite affordable all things considered.

How Much Can You Sell Chihuahua Puppies For?

Chihuahua puppies are known to sell for around $1782 AU (or $1300 US dollars). Puppies can be a bit more expensive because they are younger. Older pups can sell for the normal range of up to $2058 AU (or $1500 US dollars).

It is possible to sell chihuahua puppies from a litter that your own chihuahua had.

If considering this route, it is important to stay honest. This includes not being an unethical breeder. Keeping a clear and open path of communication between seller and buyer is always critical.

Know your chihuahua’s background as much as possible.

The price for a chihuahua puppy might seem a bit steep, however, they are worth the investment! Their charming personalities will continuously grow with their owners!

The purchase of a chihuahua puppy should be done through a reputable breeder, just like any other chihuahua that is for sale. It ensures that the puppy or dog is of its best possible health and has been properly bred and cared for.

Chihuahua Puppies Cost
Chihuahua Puppies Cost

Are Chihuahuas High Maintenance?

When assessing a chihuahua average cost, their overall maintenance should be considered as well. While the initial purchase of the dog is a big upfront investment, it is important to know just how much more money might be involved in their care.

Every pet has extra expenses associated with them. From food, toys, etc, there is a lot that can add up. However, that is a part of being a dog (or other pet) owner.

While these costs can’t be avoided, it is important to know their costs. However, when it comes to overall maintenance costs, chihuahuas are considered low maintenance.

The most important cost associated with the care of a chihuahua is their food. Chihuahuas need coat brushing and exercise more than anything, but the food they eat will help keep them in the best health possible.

Foods that support their heart, joints, and coats are the most important to purchase. They do live long lives, up to 15 years or more, which is why maintaining their health to support this is critical.

Just because they are mostly low maintenance dogs doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be insured. Accidents can happen and the policies that coverage-related issues can come into play.

Other costs can pile up, including things like preventive care measures such as worming medicines, flea treatments, etc. De-worming is an important part of any dog owner’s maintenance schedule.

Chihuahuas can get worms too, just like other dogs. These parasites can be fatal if not treated. The need for this treatment shouldn’t be considered “high maintenance“, rather just a part of keeping the pup healthy.

It is suggested that they be dewormed every three months. The cost of worming medicine can vary depending on the brand or if its over the counter instead of directly from the vet.

What are some signs that a chihuahua might need to be dewormed? Below are the common signs of a dog that needs to be dewormed!

Signs And Costs For Your Chihuahua To Be Dewormed

  • Visible worms in faeces
  • Visible worms in vomit
  • Coughing
  • Visible worms near the dog’s rear end
  • Swollen belly
  • Diarrohea
  • Weight loss

These are the common signs of worms. Worms can affect any dog breed, even chihuahuas and this is why keeping up with their worming schedule is super important.

Deworming medicine is administered based on the dog’s weight and size. There are medicines that are tailored specifically for smaller breed dogs. The reason behind this is to ensure that the dog doesn’t receive too much or too little of the medicine.

It is measured to be as effective as possible. While the general cost of deworming can vary based on where it is being purchased from, the cost can be about $55 AU (or $40 US dollars) for over the counter medications.

Always consult a vet for the best suggestions for medications.

Ultimately, chihuahuas need good, quality food, playtime, exercise, and lots of love and attention. These things don’t make them high maintenance, rather a great breed to be a proud owner of!

Even though they can carry a higher price tag to initially purchase, chihuahuas are a great buy. They are a long-time friend and loveable companion.

No matter what variation of chihuahua someone might want, the price for them can be affordable for some budgets.

Dishing out the money initially to purchase a chihuahua can come with peace of mind that overall, their lifetime cost won’t break the bank.


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