Do Cats Like To Sleep With Their Owners?

Cats can be known to be sociable animals, and one of the ways they show their affection to their owner is by sleeping with them. Now this may not be a huge sign of affection to you but for a cat it’s major

Cats like to sleep with you as a form of security, you are their safe place, the one who feeds them and you keep them warm at night. It’s a good sign when cats sleep with you as they have come to trust you just as they give you comfort. Cats release pheromones when sleeping to mark their territory.

This is a much-preferred way for them to do so rather than spraying to mark territory, which can come with quite an unpleasant smell. As cat stains can be very difficult to remove for any pet owner and is usually permanent.

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep With Their Owners?

This is a common question amongst feline owners, as to why their cat likes to sleep with them. Below is a list of those exact reasons and the explanation as to why this may be so.

  1. They like you- sounds simple enough, but yes it is that simple. Some cats sleep with you simply because they do like you.
  2. For Safety- Your cat has put their trust in you and sees you as a form of security for them, so they are going to stay as close as they can to you for protection. Even though cats are nocturnal, so are a lot of other animals that may prey on them, such as owls, coyotes, or bobcats.
  3. For Warmth- Yes, for the warmth. You are like their personalized heater that keeps them warm at night. A cat’s bones can become stiff with too much cold, this is broadly apparent in older cats. So your warmth is healthy for them and they will get as close as comfortably possible for them.
  4. The Last One Is Territory- Cats are surprisingly territorial cats. When they see an area as theirs they are not likely to be so friendly to wandering animals or even guests. You will likely see a cat flee an area if someone new approaches their home or they will stand their ground flicking their tails, ears alert, hair on edge, and even a low growl. So to cats, you are part of their territory and you have been claimed by them when they sleep with you.

So there are various reasons as to why cats sleep with you. At the end of the day, they are all positive reasons and goes to show they do really love you. Whether they are sleeping with you for Safety, Territory, Warmth or they like you, this is a true way to bond with your feline friend.

But whether you allow them to is another thing, in the next topic we will discuss whether its a good or bad thing to allow them to sleep with you. Preferably I like to sleep with my cat curled behind the bend of my knees under the blankets, as this keeps her warm and me warm as well.

Is It Bad To Let Your Cat Sleep With You?

When it comes to allowing your cat to sleep with you, there can be many pros and cons to this answer. When it comes down to it, it is a matter of preference. But there are some things to factor in. Safety is one of the big things to consider, as well as allergies.

Do you have an allergy to cats, whether it be a major or a minor allergy. Now obviously this would determine whether you owned a cat or not. If you have even a mild allergy to cats it is not advisable to allow your cat to sleep with you.

The reason for this is prolonged time with your cat on even a mild allergy can have effects on your body. As cats do carry dander that dander is seeping into not only your blankets and sheets but into your mattress as well.

So unless you are planning to have your mattress cleaned at least once every 3 months and cleaning your blankets every week, you may have to think of an alternative solution.

Do keep in mind though that this could have an effect on the relationship between you and your feline friend if they have chosen to sleep with you. Your cat may take this as a sign of rejection and lack of trust on your part and in turn, could cause future bad behaviors.

Another reason to consider is not only the age of the cat but your age as well. For instance, if you have adopted an older pet and you have children and they have chosen to sleep with your child.

Some experts may say it is not advisable to allow older grown cats to sleep with a child under 5, this is simply because some cats like to sleep near the face.

There have been cases reported of child suffocation from the family pet simply trying to get closer to their human. So if you allow your pet to sleep with your child it would need to be under a monitored circumstance until they are old enough to be able to remove the cat if need be.

On the positive side of things allowing your cat to sleep with you is a bonding experience for both you and your cat. Since I was little I have always owned a cat and have allowed them to choose the perfect place to sleep. Whether it was at the foot of my bed or at the entrance of my door it was always their choice as long as it was safe.

Whether they like to sleep curled up in your arms, on your lap, or at the foot of the bed by your feet, as long as your cat feels safe and secure there is no reason why it is not okay.

Why Do Cats Like Touch You When You Sleep?

You may find that when you go to crawl in bed either your cat will follow you, join you sometime later or you wake in the middle of the night and they are there.

The question is though is why do they like to be touching you while they sleep. Is it for the warmth, is it because they like you, is it because they can sense something you don’t? These are all valid questions and to sum it up, the answer is yes to all, although may not be all three at the same time.

Yes, cats do have heightened senses and even more so at night. This is due to the cat being a nocturnal animal so they can sense more at night.

Some owners have reported that their cat sensed that they were ill before a doctor did and have been grateful to their cat for doing so. Now, this is not always the case but is not something that should be ignored especially if you find they are consistently nudging at a certain area.

So we have found that they will do it for the warmth, and this is absolutely true. Cats, just like us, can become cold at night. They like to curl up and find a nice place to sleep at night, usually after they have finished their nightly routine.

Some may consider as a cat going hyper at night, but don’t be alarmed, that is simply their playful time and when their hunting senses are at full force.

Once they have finished doing so some owners find that their cat will seek them out either by searching rooms or calling out with a meow or two waiting for you to respond.

If your door is closed, cats are determined creatures and will try to find a way to open the door.

The cat will then proceed to climb into bed with you find just the perfect spot and settle down, for most of the night. One odd behavior you may find a cat will do in their search for a warm place, is to actually crawl under the covers with you just to get even warmer.

This has more purposes than you think though. Not only is it a way for them to get warmer, but they are also marking their territory. One other fascinating fact is they do this as a way to practice their hunting skills as a way to practice how to hide.

So if you are lucky enough to have your cat sleep beside you and even more so get close enough to be touching you, take it as a sign of admiration. You’ve done it! You have completed the bond with your feline friend and they have chosen you as their true companion.

One way to know this is, you will notice your cat may not be as sociable with other members of your household. That is because cats are very cautious and selective as to whom they choose to bond with. So consider yourself a favorite of your cat.

Some Final Thoughts

So in conclusion, why do cats like to sleep with their owners? It’s because they have created a bond with you that they foresee as unbreakable. They have come to trust you and to share their life with you. Your cat now sees you as apart of the family as you see them as part of the family.

Having this special bond with your cat is comforting and an experience you will not forget, knowing that your pet is close to you and safe, is the goal of any pet owner.


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